Bosch JS572EBK Barrel-Grip Jig Saw Kit Review

Bosch JS572EBK Barrel Grip Jig Saw Kit Review

The Bosch JS572EBK barrel-grip jig saw features a precision control double roller system that will reduce blade deflection for improved control. It also features LED lighting, allowing for high visibility so you can easily see where you’re cutting, even in tight spaces. Highly adjustable, this saw comes with a large die-cast footplate and tool-free adjustments for faster, easier bevel adjustments. A saw that’s designed with ease of use in mind, this barrel-grip jig saw by Bosch scored well with the pros and DIYers.

Bosch Barrel-Grip Jig Saw Specs and Features

This saw offers a 7.2 amp rating and can easily handle heavy loads and a variety of materials. The variable speed control dial makes this saw even more versatile so you can adjust the speed level based on material type.

The ergonomic design and upfront grip make the saw more comfortable to use for a longer period of time, working well to cut down on user fatigue.

The saw comes with a total of four orbital settings so you can use different blade strokes for aggressive or smooth cuts depending on what you’re cutting.

Bosch gave their extensive line of barrel-grip jig saws a total redesign, taking all of the best features from past models and adding some new and improved features that make this saw hard to compete with. The new precision control double roller system is at the heart of this redesign. Adding an extra roller and mounting it closer to the work piece provides the blade with more lateral stability. The result? The saw is able to easily saw tight curves while still maintaining a perpendicular cut face. This is actually one of the biggest problems most jig saws struggle with, but somehow, Bosch was able to completely eliminate this issue.

The saw comes with several impressive features that are sure to wow both pros and DIYers. These features include LED lighting, an effective dust collection system, and the powerful motor.

Having a light on a saw isn’t anything new, but the manufacturer really increased the saw’s usability with this simple feature. The saw has a switch that allows the user to turn the light off and on, regardless of whether the trigger or motor are engaged. Sure, this sounds like a minor detail, but it’s actually an innovative addition that will come in handy.

This model comes with a dust extraction kit. The kit consists of a swiveling dust shroud and dust port that fits over the front of the saw. Both devices do a great job of collecting dust. The only real downside is that the dust shroud doesn’t work when you’re cutting bevels because it tends to hit the lower shoe.

This model features the largest motor in this price range. At 7.2 amps the motor offers a full amp more than any other type of barrel-grip saw on the market. This type of added power will definitely work in your favor when you’re cutting hardwood and performing difficult tasks such as bevel cuts.

The saw includes other great features such as the tool-free bevel adjustment and the tool-free blade change system. It also comes equipped with an extra-long power cord that measures in at thirteen feet and a variable speed blower.

Jig Saw Pros and Cons

Bosch JS572EBK 7.2 Amp Barrel-Grip Jig Saw Kit

Pros: The more you use this saw the more you’ll come to appreciate its durability and reliability. The overall heft of the saw will give you confidence that it was made with quality materials. The die-cast magnesium footplate also adds more stability to the saw’s base.

Considered one of the top barrel-grip saws on the market, the powerful motor combined with all the extra features designed for speed and user comfort make this saw one of the top selling jig saw models in this price range. When you add the L Box storage system and the ability to make tool-less adjustments, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any real issues with this Bosch model.

The saw offers a unique two slotted roller guide, with one placed above the other. The lower roller hovers about 3/16 of an inch above the work surface. The rollers help to minimize blade deflection pretty effectively. The blade stability system allows for squarer cuts compared to models with just a single blade roller guide.

The quick change tool-less blade system makes blade changes faster and easier. Just move the blade lever forward and the blade will pop right out.

The LED light really helps to brighten the cut line. While it’s not quite as bright as a flashlight, it works for this purpose.

The four-position orbit switch allows you to choose from aggressive to smooth cuts so you can choose the perfect setting based on the material you’re cutting.

This kit comes with a dust shroud, three blades, anti-splinter insert, steel overshoe, vacuum adapter, and dust extraction tube. The steel overshoe easily slides over the plastic shoe and should be used for rough surface materials such as tile. On the right side of the saw, you’ll find a red lever which releases the shoe so you can easily adjust the cutting angle. It engages at zero degrees, forty-five degrees right, and forty-five degrees left. However, it can also be set to any angle between forty-five right and forty-five left.

Cons: Some consumers complained that the ninety-degree square adjustment is hard to access, while others felt that the dust collection system was totally ineffective. While the system works well for wood, with tougher materials such as drywall, you’ll find that dust still accumulates.

Jig Saw by Bosch Conclusion and Rating

The Bosch barrel-grip jig saw is a steal for the price. It can slice through even the hardest materials and still produce clean cuts. This is one feature-packed saw that you’ll come to rely on for big and little jobs around the home or on the job site. Consumers who purchased this jigsaw gave it a rating of four out of five stars for power, precision, ease of use, and overall quality.

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